Mission, Vision and Objectives


To be a vibrant and model institution of excellence in impacting quality education in the areas of computer science and management by imparting knowledge scientifically in the best possible manner and to enable the students to progress in every walk of their life we see ahead our students, after empowerment as ‘dynamic and goal oriented managers, entrepreneurs and research scholars.


To provide a nurturing environment to rural students to develop future leaders to serve the society, country and the whole world by helping our students to develop the right approach, skills and knowledge.


Our spirituous are directed toward leading our student community to such an acme of excellence that can satisfy the requisition of the industry, the nation and the globe at large. The generation of an entirely different community if students aiming at attaining technical and managerial expertise and utilising the knowledge in the service of mankind is at root of our efforts. We have the following objectives before us:

  • To provide quality education in the field of computer science and management to rural students.
  • To prepare students in a way that they are able to communicate their ideas, facts and information more clearly, fluently and convincingly by building self-confidence and enthusiasm.
  • To cultivate good manners and etiquettes to develop pleasing personality.
  • To develop positive mental attitude among students.
  • Helping students create a vision in their life and define clear goals which will help them succeed in both professional as well as personal life.